Joomla 1.0 Module that shows a list of the most recent published ItemsThis Joomla Module shows a list of the most recently published Items (with Creation Date) that are still current (some may have expired even though they are the most recent). Items that are displayed on the Front Page Component are not included in the list.

It's a hack of the Latest News module.


New in version 1.1.0: date/time format according to the Country Locale which enables you to output the day & month names according to your language.
The previous version (1.0) used the MySQL date/time format and showed the dates only in English day & month names.

The module has three parameters:

  • Text before date, default: [
  • Date/Time format, default: %A %d %B %Y, %H:%I
  • Text after date, default:]

Date/time format
This module shows the latest news with date formatted according to Country Locale (set in Site > Global Configuration > Locale > Country Locale:) and module parameter "Date/time format" which uses the date/time format from PHP strftime


  • Country Locale: nl_NL and %A %d %B %Y, %H:%I will result in
    maandag 9 augustus 2004, 18:30
  • Country Locale: en_EN and %A %d %B %Y, %H:%I will result in
    Monday 9 August 2004, 18:30