db8latestweblinksThis Joomla 1.5 module shows the latest added weblinks. The clicks on the weblinks are handled by Joomla's default weblink component and the hits are counted. The module can also be used for site administrators to see the latest submitted weblinks by registered visitors.

The Category ID and the number of weblinks that should be displayed can be configured in the module's parameters in the back-end. And whether to show published or unpublished weblinks.

Download: zipmod_db8latestweblinks_j15_v22.zip

Show unpublished weblinks functionality

If this module is used with the parameter "Show only Unpublished", then it shows the newly added unpublished weblinks, but only to users of the level "editor" and higher. Website managers may use this option on the front-end of the site so that they can easier see what new sites have been added by registered visitors to the weblinks. As such unpublished weblinks can not be clicked via Joomla's weblink component, the direct URL links are shown.

Layout of the mod_db8latestweblinks module

The design of the module is determined by adding CSS code used in the template.css of the Joomla template.

Use the module parameters to define a Module Class Suffix, eg: _db8lw
The weblink list is then styled by adding module name (in this case db8latestweblinks) + module class suffix in the template.css, for example:
ul.db8latestweblinks_db8lw {

      border: #000 solid 1px;

Included language files

  • English
  • Dutch


-- db8 Latest Weblinks v2.2 [03-March-2010] --
# The clicks on the weblinks are now handled by Joomla weblinks component programs, and visits are now counted.
# New functionality added: Show unpublished weblinks (Thanks to Brendan Ferguson for this contribution!).

-- db8 Latest Weblinks v2.1 [22-March-2009] --
# Problem with undefined variables corrected.

-- db8 Latest Weblinks v2.0 [11-Januari-2009] --
# Release of db8 Latest Weblinks for Joomla! 1.5 (Latest Weblinks rewritten for 1.5).

-- Latest Weblinks v1.1 [31-March-2007] --
# Problem with spaces in some hyperlinks corrected.

-- Latest Weblinks v1.0 [17-March-2007] --
# Release of Latest Weblinks for Joomla! 1.0