mod_db8sitelastmodifiedThis module displays a global "last modified" date that informs the visitor when the last change was done to the site.

The Site Last Modified date and time are based on the creation and modification date and time of the articles in your site. It does not display any other changes, e.g. in Category or Modules.


Included language files:

  • English
  • French
  • Dutch

Text before Date: Put here any text that should be displayed before the date.
Date/time format: Use PHP strftime parameters to format the date/time.
Text after Date: Put here any text that should be displayed after the date.
Note: HTML tags are allowed, so you can use <b> and </b> around your text to get bold characters.

Text before Date: This site was last <b>modified on:
Date/time format: %A %d %B %Y, %H:%M:%S
Text after Date: </b>!!!
will display:
This site was last modified on: Wednesday 15 February 2012, 18:30:59 !!!



-- db8 Site Last Modified J25 v24 [13-March-2012] --
# Changed date format from PHP date to PHP strftime to display weekday & month in other languages
# Changed installation file to display text after installation.
# Added French language file. 
credits to Mihàly Mart ("Sarki") for corrections regarding installation & French Language files. 

-- db8 Site Last Modified J25 v2.3 [16-February-2012] --
# Joomla 1.5 module completely rewritten for Joomla 2.5
# Corrected date/time with Joomla's Time Offset functionality AND user's time offset settings.

-- db8 Site Last Modified v2.1 [30-August-2008] --
# Corrected date/time with Joomla's Time Offset functionality (thanks to Jos Bredek for his code correction).
# Corrected $aid error (for PHP with strict error reporting level).
# Repacked .zip archive and checked installation on Joomla 1.5 on Ubuntu Linux 8.04 & Windows XP.

-- db8 Site Last Modified v2.0 [16-August-2008] --
# Changed date/time format from MySQL format to the more flexible PHP strftime date/time format. This offers the possible to display date/time in localized format (based on the selected language).
# Added extra text fields (accepts HTML) before AND after the date/time.
# Added 5 language files.